Can Solo Travel Ruin Your Marriage?

People have many misconceptions about solo travel, especially married couples. According to Alex, a Texas blogger and local business provide of collision repair in San Antonio, shares with me that many people or some will question how your partner allows you to travel alone. This guide explains how solo travel is likely to ruin our marriages.

Trust Issues

Be it a long-time relationship or a new relationship, being apart from your significant other can be stressful. While traveling solo, trust among spouses can be a big issue. As much as you want to assure yourself that your spouse is faithful, a part of you still doubts that.

Some partners will go ahead and not bother texting or calling their partners despite having access to phone services and Wi-Fi. Traveling among spouses with trust issues will ruin any marriage.

New Friendships

Traveling helps one interact with the locals and whoever you come across at their destinations. These connections can be overwhelming. 

We understand that when you’re vacationing, you want to unwind and explore a lot but then again, some of us forget to connect with our partners through calls or texts. These calls and texts are suitable for reassuring our partners that we still have them in mind. The friendships we make during our trips take a lot from others, so try to reassure your partner.


Science has proven that when you’re away from your intimate partner for long, they could experience anxiety, depression, and problems like sleep disturbances. 

As much as you’re aiming for self-growth for yourself, it’s good to ensure that your partner is also doing great back at home. Please don’t subject your partner to depression. Instead, consider including them in your trips, if possible.

If that’s not possible, ensure that you agree that you are okay with your partners traveling solely. Overall, solo travels are good. But at the same time, they could ruin marriages if not planned carefully.

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