COVID-19 Impacts on International Travel

The COVID-19 pandemic has undoubtedly changed international travel. It’s now complex and unpredictable than ever. Many people find separation from friends and family members living overseas hard already. However, the difficulties of traveling during the COVID-19 pandemic have worsened the situation. While some governments have eased travel restrictions, many people fear traveling overseas because of this pandemic’s uncertainty. Essentially, COVID-19 has affected international travel in several ways worth considering before leaving home.

The Dangers of Contracting COVID-19 Overseas

Many people fear international travel because they don’t want to contract COVID-19 overseas. Essentially, travelers fear getting the virus away from home in a country where the pandemic could have already strained the healthcare system. Therefore, such people would rather stay at home or travel domestically.

International Flights Cost and Infrequency

Airlines are likely to cancel their pre-booked flights during the pandemic than before. Flight cancellation while away from home can leave you stranded because getting a seat on the next flight might not be easy. In some cases, the available ticket might be days, weeks, or months away. Also, the cost of the tickets could be higher than what you budgeted due to seats’ scarcity. Essentially, international flights price and infrequency make some people think twice about leaving their homes.

Consular Assistance Limits

Many people are seeking assistance overseas. That means if something happens and you need evacuation, you may have difficulties getting it during this pandemic. For instance, most governments prioritize the most vulnerable people first. That’s because local COVID-19 measures can affect the government’s ability to offer consular services. Traveling overseas means acknowledging that you have adequate resources to support your stay and transport to and from overseas.

In addition to these impacts, international movement and border restrictions hinder most people from traveling. Nobody wants to leave home and end up in the middle of a lockdown in a foreign country. Therefore, some people opt not to travel internationally during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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