Is it Safe to Travel with a Two-Week Old Baby?

Flying with a young baby can be challenging for anyone. However, with some preparation, anyone can get through with it just fine. Premature babies and those experiencing heart or lung problems may experience difficulty breathing due to lower air pressure in the airplane cabin. 

Therefore, doctors recommend you wait for your baby’s immune system to develop before taking a flight, which would be at least four to six weeks old. However, if you need to travel after giving birth, experts usually recommend you wait for at least seven to fourteen days before flying with a healthy baby born full term. If the baby is premature, it is best to have a word with the baby’s pediatrician before making any bookings.

Does it Help to Wait?

Waiting for your baby to be at least four to six weeks old has advantages. By then, you will have known if your child has any underlying health problem which may make it unsafe for them to travel. It also gives you the time of you to settle into life together.

Babies can be so vulnerable to germs In their first months that they may pick stray bugs when cooped up with dozens of strangers, breathing recycled air for hours. 

It is also best not to take your baby to places where there are diseases that he can’t be vaccinated f. Also, check if you are taking your baby to a country where specific vaccinations are needed.

Final Thoughts

Generally, most airlines do not fly infants less than seven days old. Others will even ask for a fit-to-fly letter from a doctor. Infants under two are not allotted a separate seat and will need to sit on their parent’s laps throughout the flight.

Additionally, it is essential to feed and keep your baby comfortable. If breastfeeding constantly do so because babies are prone to dehydration

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