Tips on How to Keep Your Valuables Safe when Traveling

When planned properly, travel gives a wonderful experience that creates happy memories. But, after Manny Kidney posted his tips on his blog over at and explains that there are times when things fail to go the way travelers plan. For instance, flight cancellations and delays as well as having valuables stolen or lost can ruin a travel experience. Here are tips on how to keep valuables safe when you travel.

Don’t Carry Unnecessary Valuables

You may be tempted to carry all your valuables just in case you need them. But, you actually don’t have to carry your expensive jewelry, watches, and pricey electronics when traveling. Only carry valuables that you will need for the trip.

Get a Combination Lock

A combination lock provides a great way of keeping valuables safe. You can easily use it to lock checked bags when you travel. Consider investing in a TSA-approved lock to avoid trouble when having your bags loaded into the airplane. Generally, having a combination lock enables you to lock your bags anytime you are not around them.

Don’t Carry a Wallet

Carrying a wallet will make you look attractive to thieves. Therefore, instead of carrying valuables in a wallet, use a money clip. For instance, carry a clip that has a single debit card or credit card or carry money in the pockets.

Carry a Money Belt

Carrying a money belt enables you to keep valuables inconspicuous and close. Nevertheless, avoid packing too many valuables in the money belt because it will be easy for thieves to notice.

Don’t Use Hotel Safes

Hotel safes provide a sense of security and comfort. However, they are not safe. That’s because they are easy to access using an override. They are also easy to open even without knowing the combination.

Generally, it’s always advisable to carry valuables that you can survive the rest of the trip with if you lose them. Additionally, keep valuables where thieves can’t detect or access them with ease.

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