Useful Tips for Travelers with a Mental Illness

Mental illness is a public health concern that is under recognized in most places. Most travelers with mental illness are mostly unable to access the psychiatric care they need when traveling. That’s because they get away from their support systems and physicians.

What’s more, travelers with mental illness have to deal with negative attitudes, stigmas and the bad behaviors that other people exhibit towards their condition. If you have a mental illness and you intend to travel, here are useful tips that will make your trip successful.

Understand the Effect of Travel on Your Mental Health

Your physical and mental health before the trip should determine whether you can travel or not. Bear in mind the fact that travel will affect your mental health. Therefore, consider factors like your sleep levels, your reason to travel, life events, culture shock and duration of the trip and their effect on your mental health. Each traveler is different. The effect of travel on mental health is also different. Therefore, consider this factor before you travel.

Fitness Level

Most people with mental illnesses can travel and fly without difficulties. However, it’s important to have your fitness level assessed by experts. Talk to your doctor or healthcare provider about your trip. They may decide to change your medication or provide a one-time prescription that will make the travel experience better for you.

Carry Everything You Will Need for the Trip

You need to be stable throughout the trip. Therefore, carry everything that will make the trip comfortable for you. This includes medication as well as documentations that will enable you to get the assistance that you may need at your travel destination.

Know Your Triggers and Risks

Changes in weather patterns and environments can affect the effectiveness of medications. Time zones changes and reduced sleep can affect your awareness level negatively and even make you confused when it comes to taking medications. It’s therefore important to conduct some research and prepare to deal with triggers and risks at your travel destination. Also know where and how to get help when traveling.

Follow these tips for travelers with a mental illness to make appropriate arrangements and enjoy a seamless experience during the trip.

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